M4034S-4211           Museum: “Depot Diner…a museum” is a unique, must see stop.

A curious collection of objects from nature,
science, technology and the arts, the museum’s theme, ‘rational
amusement’, aspires to reward the visitor’s curiosity with
something unexpected. Over thirty exhibits in three halls.


Natural Sciences Hall Exhibits include specimens of the rocks and fossils which have provided, thru various tools of scientific investigation, a window into our planet’s environments over the last nearly 4 billion years from the original cooling of the Earth, to the oxygenation of the atmosphere, the continuous and continuing landform- sculpting geological processes, the origin of multi-celled life, and the evolution of plants and animals

Special Collections Nature’s ‘curiosities’ have long fascinated humans. Stones, bones and seashells – from a child’s pocketing of a treasured ‘wonder’, a poet’s description, private curio cabinets, specimens for teaching and research, and extensive public museum exhibits, even on-line merchants – demonstrate the value humans place on nature’s creations.

Objects, Artifacts and Technology Hall Our talents including imagination, story-telling, the invention and exploitation of technologies and processes to transform nature’s resources, continue to provide curious ‘fossils’ which our species may leave behind as evidence of our brief presence.

Museum Store and Library Whether you seek further information on specific objects or exhibits in the exhibition halls, a good book, a Loren Larson wood puzzle or other great unique gift, you are welcome to spend time in the previous research laboratory of ArcheoPaleo which is now he Museum’s Store which also sells local fossils, science posters, collector’s vials and boxes, used scientific narrative and science biography books, collectible Scandinavian porcelain plates and figurines, plus some unusual antiques… and other must have stuff.


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